Robot Framework

Robot Framework Training in Hyderabad  is a highly respected, free, open source test automation framework that enables you to not only create Selenium Webdriver tests faster and more easily, but it also give you the ability to create API, mobile, database, XML, file system tests and more!

Robot Framework is a simple framework where you can write plain text language using which you can automate any number of tasks. Robot Framework also supports Java, Microsoft, C#. Robot Framework Online Course allows using Keyword driven, data driven and behavior driven approaches shortly called as BDD approach.

Robot Framework Training Course in Hyderabad

a. Overview
b. What is a Test Automation
c. Origin & History
d. Features & Capabilities
2. Installation & Configuration
a. Overview
b. Command Line & Path Basics
c. Install Python & PIP
d. Manual PIP Install
e. Install Robot Framework &
3. Creating Your First Script
a. Overview
b. Organizing Your Project Files
c. Sections of the Script File
d. Test Steps
e. Run the Script and Examine
4. Script Running Options
a. Running from Pycharm
b. Running from a CLI
c. Running from a RIDE
d. Running a Single Test Case
e. Running Multiple Suites
5. Use Variables to Centralize Data
6. Exploring the Robot Framework
7. Script Control flow
8. Telnet Library
9. SSHLibrary

10. Dialogs Library
11. Operating Systems Library
12. Strings Library
13. Process Library
14. Sikuli Library -Robot Framework
15. Selenium2Library -Robot Framework
16. Create your own custom keyword Libraries
17. Advanced CLI Options
18. Sample Project discussion


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