The telecommunication and networking industry is at the verge of a massive transformation. Infrastructure technologies that served the industry for well over 3 decades seem to have lived their terms and have been due for a change for long. SDN and NFV are important agents of this transformation in question and these technologies are redefining and challenging the very basis of how networking has traditionally been understood, deployed and managed. There is an unequivocal appreciation from all the stakeholders in the telecommunication eco-system on the promising outcomes of these new technologies. However, what is lacking among majority of the stakeholders of the eco-system is a comprehensive understanding of the same. Also lack of necessary technical skills and be able to comprehend the big picture have been other major show stoppers for enterprises and service providers.

SDN( Software-Defind-Network) NFN( Network Function Network) Training Course

Modules In Detail

Module-1, Introduction, Concepts and Use cases
  • Why SDN and why now? Evolution of SDN
  • Networking Today- Analyze current approach of networking and what’s not right with it
  • Drivers of SDN- Analyze different business and technical factors that contributed to the SDN evolution
  • Typical Use-cases of SDN- Understand some basic and primitive use-cases of SDN
  • Reality vs Hype- Analyze the bright spots and the challenges with SDN
  • SDN@ 30000ft- Analyze the standard (supposedly) definition of SDN, compare and contrast
Module-2, Virtualization, SDN Framework, Architecture
  • Primer on Virtualization and Hypervisors
  • Introduction to Virtualization in IT Infrastructure- Compute, storage and Network
  • Hypervisors- Types and Examples e.g. Qemu-KVM, VMware vspehere, Virtual box and others
  • Demo and Hands-on- Learn to use hypervisors on your laptop/PC
  • Demo-Qemu-KV,MVMware ESXI,Work station and guidance to further explore VMware tools
  • Configure a virtual lab on your laptop/pc
  • SDN Framework and Building-Blocks
  • Analyze the core building blocks of SDN at a high-level
  • Control Plane- Architecture and overview of controllers including OpeDaylight, ONOS, RYU, Flood light, Open Contrail and commercial controllers
  • Data Plane- Architecture and open source data plane alternatives including OVS, Indigo and COTS H/W
  • ​Open-source Tools
  • ​Mininet and Wireshark Demo
  • Brief demo  of mininet with various controllers
  • Introduction flow-visor and flowsim
  • Open-source Networkin-Routers- Quagga, Vyos, Bird, Switches- OVS, Indigo
  • COTS- The silicon impact
Module-3, SB/NB Interfaces ,Deployment Models, Complementing Open-Source Projects and Tools
  • South Bound Interfaces/protocols
  • OpenFlow deep-dive
  • OF-config
  • North Bound Interfaces- REST/RESTCONFSDN
  • Deployment Models
  • Application vs intent driven service modeling
  • Underlay vs Overlay
  • Hybrid
  • VXLAN overlay
  • Complementing Open-Source Projects and Communities
  • ONF, OPNFV, On.Lab, Open-O, Openstack, ONOS-CORD, ONAP (Open-O+Ecomp), ETSI
  • Demo and Hands-on
  • Openflow dissection using wireshark, mininet and POX- Demonstration along with OF tutorial
  • Mininet and Openvswitch Hands-on- Learn about Mininet, CLI and the UI. Learn basic openvswitch operations, modifying flows
  • Floodlight SDN controller demonstration with mininet, modify flows, configure ACLs
  • Mininet hands-on: Learn to emulate different network topologies with mininet, POX and Floodlight
  • Modify flow rules using controllers 
  • Hands-on with Openflow group configuration- fast fail over 

NOTE: Virtual Linux Machines (OVA) with all packages will be provided

Module-4, OpenDaylight
  • ODL Introduction
  • Architecture- SALs
  • North-Bound and South-Bound Interfaces
  • Technology Eco-system
  • Use cases
  • Demonstration and Hands-on
  • ODL Demonstration: Installing applications, Emulating topology on ODL using mininet, Navigating the DLUX GUI, explore YANG Models through REST APIs and Flow addition/manipulation using POSTMAN
  • Hands-on – installation, web-ui navigation and basic topology configuration using mininet

NOTE: Virtual Linux Machines (OVA) will be provided

Module-5, Open Network Operating System (ONOS)
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Architecture- Intent frame-work, Modularity, Technology eco-system, Use cases
  • Demonstration and Hands-on
  • ONOS demonstration: ONOS CLI basics, Navigating the GUI, intent base flow
  • Hands-on Lab- ONOS with mininet, installing apps, installing reactive forwarding, exploring the GUI in more detail
Module-6- SDN Controller multi-layer deployment
  • SDN Controller as a router- Atrium
  • Atrium Demo with ODL and ONOS
  • Hands-on lab- SDN IP Peering
  • SDN and Packet0optical convergence
  • Multi-layer networks- architecture, and challenges
  • SDN driven Packet-optical converged networks
  • Packet-optical networks integration and control
  • Hands-on lab with packet-optical convergence use case
Module-7- SDN security, performance and availability
  • Security
  • Performance
  • High-Availability
  • Scalability
  • Federation and Clustering
Module-8, Openstack Architecture
  • Openstack Overview
  • Key (optional) openstack projects
  • Openstack Architecture and Components- Keystone, Nova, Cinder, Swift, Neutron, Horizon and Heat
  • Deep-dive into Openstack Networking components- Neutron ML2, OVS, VXLAN, Routing, Provider networks types
  • Demo & Hands-on lab
  • Basic operation of Openstack including projects, users, roles and networks through the Horizon GUI;

OVA will be provided with openstack (RDO-Packstack) installed

Module-9, Complementing SDN Projects
  • Complementing Projects
  • ALTO
  • Segment Routing
  • LISP
  • Data path acceleration technologies- DPDK, SR-IOV, OF-DPA
Module-10, ETSI NFV, MANO
  • MANO Architecture overview
  • Openstack Tacker Project- NFV orchestration
  • NFV Usecases
  • Service Function Chaining
  • Network Virtualization
  • Demo and Hands-On
  • ​Network Slicing with network hypervisor- Demo and Hands-on
  • Service function chaining (Demo)
Module-11, Putting it altogether
  • SDN, NFV, Management and Orchestration
  • Optional, Telco Focused


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