Online Robot Frame Work

Online Robot framework is an opensource test automation framework. It has tabular test data syntax and it uses the keyword driven testing approach. The core framework of the Robot framework is implemented with Python, thus making it operating system and application independent.

Robot Framework Training is a generic test automation framework. We provide online,corporate training on latest versions like Robot Framework 2.8,2.9,3.0.Robot Framework project is hosted on Google Code where you can find further documentation, source code, and issue tracker. Downloads are hosted at Pypi. The framework has a rich ecosystem around it consisting of various generic test libraries and tools that are developed as separate projects.

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Online Robot framework Training course:

  • Getting started
    • Introduction
    • Installation and uninstallation
    • Demonstrations
  • Creating test data
    • Test data syntax
    • Creating test cases
    • Creating test suites
    • Using test libraries
    • Variables
    • Creating user keywords
    • Resource and variable files
    • Advanced features
  • Executing test cases
    • Basic usage
    • Test execution
    • Post-processing outputs
    • Configuring execution
    • Created outputs
  • Extending Robot Framework
    • Creating test libraries
    • Remote library interface
    • Using listener interface
    • sExtending the Robot Framework Jar
  • Supporting Tools
    • Library documentation tool (libdoc)
    • Test data documentation tool (testdoc)
    • Test data clean-up tool (tidy)
    • Other tools distributed with Robot Framework
    • External tools
  • Appendices
    • All available settings in test data
    • All command line options
    • Test data templates
    • Documentation formatting
    • Time format
    • Internal API


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