HANA Cloud Integration

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Introduction about SAP HCI:
SAP HCI training(SAP HANA Cloud Integration) facilitates the integration of business
processes and data across on-premise and cloud application with the strategic service for OD-
OD and OP-OD and the integration on SAP HANA Cloud platform. It is a pre-packaged
integration content hub in cloud that “ Discover, Configure, Manage” the data.
Overview on SAP HCI:
SAP HCI training is an SAP middleware in a cloud. It is a cloud based technologies it is a
new organically build technology by SAP which has have high capability. This have the real
time business process integration this is for sending messages back for a needed concepts for
business process. We have their an integrations which is typically has large cloudy. Typical
Scenario is connecting HCI to OR accepting connection , an ERP on-premise system. There
are two operating models:
1. Customer managed
2. SAP Managed
Prerequisites for SAP HCI training:
 Knowledge on Abap
 Basic knowledge on PI/XI
Benefits for SAP HCI Training :
 Seamless and secure integration of on premise to SAP Cloud elimination need to open
firewall to inbound traffic
 Data never persist in SAP HCI, but is piped from op source to target data store in SAP Cloud
in SAP HCI Training
 Guider user experience for creating and editing data integration jobs without coding
 Automatic provisioning of sandbox and production repositories support delta loads
SAP HCI Training Technologies:
 Cloud based multi-tenant technologies for real time process integration and data integration
and data integration
 Design time with graphical flows and mappings
 Centralized monitoring and administration
 Community marketplace(planned) in SAP HCI Training

Course content for SAP HANA Cloud
Integration corporate course:
Chapter 1
Duration 3 hrs
Introduction SAP Middleware
 SAP Middleware tool evolution?
 SAP Business connector.
 SAP Exchange Infrastructure.
 SAP Process Integration.
 Capabilities of SAP Process Orchestration
Chapter 2
Duration 2 hrs
SAP HCI training
 Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Integration
 Data Integration and Process Integration difference.
 Comparison of Hana Cloud Integration (HCI) and Process Orchestration(PI).
Chapter 3
Duration 2 hrs
Deep Dive into Hana Cloud Integration
 Architecture of Hana Cloud Integration
 Under the hood of HCI.
 Understanding Tenant Concept
 Tenant Management Node
 Worker Node
Chapter 4
Duration 2 hrs
Tenant Concept in Hana Cloud.
 Understanding Tenant Concept
 Tenant Management Node
 Worker Node
 More information on this course enroll for SAP HCI training
Chapter 5
Duration 4 hrs
Understanding Different Adapters in HCI
 SOAP Adapter
 Odata Adapter
 HTTP Adapter
  IDOC Adapter

 Mail Adapter
 SuccessFactors Adapter
 Ariba Adapter
 FaceBook/Twitter Adapter
 LDAP Adapter
 ODC Adapter
Chapter 6
Duration 1 hr
Environment setup
 Eclipse Configuration
 Installation of Eclipse with HCI Plug-ins.
 Exploring Eclipse with connection test of tenant.
 More explanation on this course enroll for SAP HANA Cloud Integration corporate course
Chapter 7
Duration  1 ½ hr
Creation one demo iflow
 Creation of Demo IFlows :-
1.  Web Portal
2. Eclipse Portal
Deployment On HCI Live.
Chapter 8
Duration  1 ½ hr
Certificate Based Communication.
 Concept of certificate based Communication.
 Private Key and Public Key certificate
 SAP HCI Firewall Concept
Chapter 9
Duration  1 hr
Practice Session for Demo Flows.
Practical Scenario 2:  Create HCI Interface for SOAP to SOAP Scenario
Chapter 10
Duration  1 hr
Major Functions In Hana Cloud Integration.
 Message Transformation – Mapping Routing, Converter, Encoder
 Message Container.
 Message Persistence.
 Enroll for SAP HCI training for brief explanation on this course
Chapter 11
Duration  1 hr

Odata Communication
 Understanding Odata Concept
Chapter 12
Duration  1 ½ hr
Pre-packaged Content
 Understanding Pre-Packaged Content in HCI
 Steps to download and configure standard Content.
 Customization involved in standard content.
Chapter 13
Duration  1  hr
ERP To C4C communication Scenario.
 Practical Scenario 4:
1.    Setting Up HCI with Standard Content
2.   Configuration in ERP
3.    Configuration in C4C portal
Chapter 14
Duration  1 hr
Adapter Development Kit (ADK)
 Eclipse Based ADK installation
 Applying to existing Apache Camel
Chapter 15
Duration  2 hrs
Advance Setting
 Shared tenant
 Transport and Change moment
 Payload Monitoring
 Trace Function
 Work centres
 More explanation on this course enroll for SAP HANA Cloud Integration corporate course


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